Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy First Birthday Ehren!

One year ago today at 2:17 in the afternoon we welcomed our son Ehren into the world. He has grown into a joyful, sweet baby. Always giving out a smile and a hug and sometimes an open mouth kiss. He's known in our family as "the hugger." I've enjoyed waking up each morning to his smiles and giggles and can"t imagine life without him.
Ehren at 1 month old - Lily put his hat on (doesn't he look thrilled!)
I'd like to thank our family for your unwavering support (even when it scared you.) Thanks especially to my Mom who can sense when I feel overwhelmed and drive all the way from Dallas to take care of me and take Lily home with her for a week. I feel inexpressible gratitude to our midwife Toni, who caught Ehren with gentle, patient and loving hands. I also want to thank the many mothers I have met along the way who by their example showed me how to parent gently. Elaine P., Andrea H., Cori L., and Rachel S. for sharing their home birth experiences and giving me living examples of strong women who have brought their children into the world without fear. Thanks to Kimberly R. and Natalie H, who helped me embark with confidence and discover the joy of exclusive breastfeeding. Thanks to my dear sweet Lily who has learned to share Mommy's attention with grace above her years. Thanks to all of the people who offered kind words when we needed it. This year has been the hardest of my life but also the most rewarding!

Here's a collection of photos from Ehren's first year you might not have seen.
Ehren at 1 week old

Cuddles with daddy - He's about 1 month old here

4 months - the chunky phase

Future Starbucks addict (Won't Aunty be proud!)

Loving on the dog

Have toy - will hug

Welcome home Daddy - I love you!

The hugger in action - he loves the cat