Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Fun

Sorry I've been slacking on updating the blog lately.  With kids sick and Brandon out of town I just lost some momentum, but my Mom is wondering what's going on so here's a short update with pictures!
Playing in the sprinkler on the first scorcher of the season

The kids newest projects were finding three tadpoles which we took home and raised as our own children.  Two have turned into American toads and they are named Swirly and Flower.  We made a cute little terrarium for them and have been catching bugs to help them grow big and strong enough to be released into our garden.

The last tadpole (doesn't have a name yet)
Amazing transformation that happens in one afternoon.  The toad is so small it can fit on a dime with room to spare.
10 gallon fish tank turned into a toad habitat
Our garden has been growing well.  We decided to plant only flowers since the dog kept eating our veggies.  We had tons of volunteer tomatoes however so we're going to have lots of tomatoes and I have no idea what kind they will be - cherry, grape or beefsteak?  Guess we'll find out.  The other day we went to the park and caught about 20 lady bugs who have been really enjoying the volunteer sunflowers.  Lily has been picking them and enjoying fresh flowers in her room all week.
Lily and her sunflowers.  (best face she could make out of 30 pictures!)

My perpetual motion machine wearing her favorite new dress from Grandma
Tickling brother with a leaf
Lily loves to decorate and had previously covered her large wall with artwork she taped up with scotch tape.  Because I didn't like the way it looks, we made some magnetic boards that she could stick her artwork to.  She picked out the patter and was really proud of herself!  We made them with oil drip pans (Walmart $11) and a cheap twin sheet set we cut up.

My mother's day card from Lily.  (Yeah, she made it EXACTLY like the magazine instructed)
   I also crafted a new dress for Lily since she is growing so fast.  I took a polo that looked hideous on me and made a cute little dress for her.  I think its darling but I don't think she likes it!

So that's what we've been up to in a nutshell.  This is all I probably have time to update for now while the kiddos are asleep!

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  1. Your sunflowers are beautiful and Lily sure was hopping around! Looking forward to your visit. Love you, Mom