Monday, January 2, 2012

December 2011

December came and went pretty fast. Lily and I kept busy making Christmas presents. Ehren turned a year old! I've been counting my blessings. Brandon has a good job and we have two healthy and happy children and a loving family. 
Some of our Christmas ornaments we made with salt dough.  Yes.  That's a lobster.
Brandon gave me the OK for buying as much yarn as I want and I've been going WILD with the crocheting.  Its been so fun.  If you're looking for a hobby - try crochet.
Hot chocolate mix - we also made spiced tea

Hat for Winry - modeled by a big eyed cat/guinea pig creature

Ho-ho for Wyatt

Yoda for Micheal
Ehren had his well checkup 5 days before Christmas and picked up a virus at the Dr.'s office so he and I stayed home for Christmas while Brandon and Lily went to Lufkin. I was hoping E could get some rest and recover but it was very hard to get anything done because he didn't sleep soundly and whined all day long! He started feeling better after a couple of days and I was so glad!

For Christmas I learned that my sister and her husband are expecting another baby! I'm very excited because I just love babies and look forward to meeting him or her. My poor sister is as sick as she's ever been though. Makes me remember how bad I felt with E, but for her its worse because she's got to chase around Wyatt and vomit all day long - poor thing. Hopefully the nausea will pass soon.

I'm looking forward to January when I will start keeping Winry during the day and Lily will start preschool. I think she will really enjoy preschool and it will give her an opportunity to brush up on her social skills. That's all for now.  I plan on posting a new entry for Lily's birthday so stay tuned!

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