Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Ultrasound Reveals All (Part1)

I had planned to have my third pregnancy as low tech as possible, including skipping ultrasounds unless something did not seem right and my midwife wanted to. After Toni found that I was measuring very large for dates she recommended an ultrasound.

When I got to Dr. Rice's office she took me right back for my u/s. Brandon was running late. She put the wand to my belly and immediately we saw two heads pop up. "Well, it's twins," she said! It's hard to describe how I felt at that moment. It was actually mostly relief and excitement. ONLY twins... How hard could that be? Brandon came in just then and saw the two babies on the u/s and smiled! He seemed nervous. Dr. Rice said she thought there were two sacs and two placentas indicating fraternal twins and I was quite relieved. I was an avid birth junkie and knew all about TTTS and how scary it could be. If twins develop TTTS there is an uneven flow of blood through their shared blood vessels (in the placenta) that can kill both of them. Only identical twins who share a placenta can develop this complication.

To be sure the babies were ok (we did not want to know the sex) Dr. Rice recommended we get a more detailed ultrasound at another location.

I asked Dr. Rice if she delivered twins and found out she didn't. I already knew Toni didn't usually so I was going to have to transfer care to an OB. When we left the office that day we had a wonderfully exciting time telling everyone in our family. Everyone was so happy! Many had suspected as much from seeing how big I already was!
Our first look at the babies

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