Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIY Swiffer Pads

Mopping.... we all hate it.  So messy!  I had the added challenge of having most of my floors laminate which as you might know cannot get very wet without getting ruined.  So the mopping would not get done for MONTHS.  Gross huh?  I had all kinds of gadgets and systems but it just wouldn't get done.

I decided with a crawling baby that I needed a better system. I started making a commitment to clean floors at least once a week. The Swiffer came the closest to meeting my moppnig needs but was so expensive for the cleaning solution and pads refills.  So I improvised.

I discovered you can use a high quality diaper and your own mixture of vinegar and water or use a generic floor cleaner. 

One weeks worth of dirt


  1. Lol! Great improvising! We have WHITE ceramic tiles....and six kids and a dog. 6 kids + dog= DIRTY tiles. We hate mopping. Finally, a few weeks ago, I bought some white terry shops rags from the dollar store, filled my mop bucket with hot water and Lysol, and put the five rags in the bucket. Then we got the five kids who are capable of working and we put them to scrubbing the floor. It got done faster, it was MUCH easier, and the preferred it that way! Soooo, this may be our permanent way of "mopping" the floor, now!:-)

  2. Ps: don't know if you knew, but I think it is O'Cedar sells a "swiffer" type of thing, except you use your own cleaner that you put in the re-fillable container that comes with it and it has washable cloths that come with it, too.