Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 2011

October has been a busy month for the McGallion family!

Brandon is officially a world traveler.  He has been to both Sweden and England.  I've been suggesting that he write out a guest post for ya'll but no luck so far!

 Lily has visited the dentist for the first time.  I was concerned about her chipped front teeth, but it turns out that its not a problem.  She got x-rays and got her chompers polished.  She was so cooperative and giggled the whole time.  Too cute!  To reward her for her good behavior we went to Toys-R-Us where she liked NOTHING.  She wanted a grow platypus.  Um.... yeah.  So I ordered a platypus online for her.  Girl KNOWS what she wants.

The dog also got to visit the vet for some much needed dental care. She also had teeth pulled and that gross wart on her head removed. She had stitches and looked perfect for Halloween - FrankenMo. She is doing well.

We've had some exciting adventures in eating inspired by Forks over Knives. Its a documentary about the link between meat and cancers and all sorts of other diseases. We're eating more vegetables and less processed foods now. If you've never tried to cut back on processed foods - you should try it! Its surprisingly difficult to avoid additives. So far I have seen a number on the scale I haven't seen in YEARS! We're now a semi-vegetarian family.

Ain't is purty?  Butternut squash soup with organic chives (Thanks Grandma G!)

I've been inspired by Pinterest and friends to make my own laundry detergent.  It was surprisingly easy thanks to Brandon and his workout buddy who ground the bar of soap for me.  It does not leave the clothes smelling like anything but does an adequate job cleaning.

In other news, Micheal Evans was so kind as to lend us his camera so we can take better pictures than my phone will allow.  We had planned on going to the store and buying one but it turns out I am camera challenged and know nothing about cameras.  They are also expensive.  Who knew?  This brings to mind the time back in 2000 or so when Anna told me that digital cameras are the way of the future.  No way I told her, they'll never be able to get the resolution as high as film.  Oh how young and silly I was. 

Lily had the opportunity to visit my folks in Dallas for a week.  She got to attend lots of gospel meetings and was reportedly well behaved (to earn a stuffed animal).  It was nice to have some one on one time with the baby.  He started signing and babbling in earnest when she left.  He was, however, quite excited to have her back.  He adores her.  His favorite thing to do lately is just hug her, knock her over and just lay on her.  Occasionally he will bite her.  She takes it well though.  Makes me so proud of her!  Charlie bit me

Gorgeous little Winry
We had the great honor to attend a welcome Winry party in Lufkin this past weekend.  She was such a doll and didn't cry at all.  We got to visit with Brandon's folks and enjoy some great BBQ (not on the diet)  Since I was already off the diet we sampled all four kinds of desserts too.  YUM!  We had Sunday lunch at Nana's which was super tasty as well.  Lily announced that the macaroni and cheese was not healthy.  Thanks kid!  More whole wheat pasta for you then.

Halloween this year was fun.  Lily was a bumble bee AGAIN.  Ehren was a panda bear which he did not like.  He kept trying to pull off the hood so we left it off.  After dinner we put Ehren in the wagon and set out to visit our friends in the neighborhood.  Lily got so excited she practically went inside everyone's houses!  She's just the most enthusiastic and talkative little girl everyone we visited was cracking up about her enthusiasm.  After a couple of polite bits of chit chat she would say, "I've got to go get more candy - See you next week!"  She had a blast.  And I think we got our money's worth on that bee costume!

Halloween 2009

Random day in 2010 - Bee Mario
Halloween 2011

I actually made something I saw on Pinterest!

Lily had me carve this to look like Ehren. Sorta.

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  1. The kids are getting so big and are, of course, precious! What you said about digital cameras....yep, I was the SAME way!! I remember, 2000 was the year Morgan was born and my dad came to meet her and brought their brand new digital camera....the pictures were awful and grainy and I was adament that there was no way the quality would never be as good as film...well, skip forward 11 years and my way of thinking has changed. Ha! Well, actually what happened was: Back in like '07, my dear sweet hubby, as a surprise for Christmas, took my 48, yes 48, rolls of undeveloped film and had them developed for me (I am a BIT of a picture freak). Well, then some sweet friends, knowing that he did that, bought me a new digital camera so that I can have my pics on a camera card, instead. It was a little 5 megapixel one and I still didn't think the quality was quite as good but now I have a 12 mp one and am sold. Haha! They are cool because you can even take mini-videos on them.:-)