Monday, November 28, 2011

November 2011

November has been a quiet month in the McGallion household.

I have implemented a cleaning schedule so it won't always be put off.  I am scheduled to clean the floors one day, dust another etc.  It works pretty well and I seem to have less time to goof around. ;-) Kimberly R. suggested the kids help.  It was actually quite amusing to see how hard they tried.  Even the baby got in on the action.

Ehrenella scrubbing the bathroom floors

Not so helpful


Lily getting in on the TP fun

We've also been crafting and making Christmas presents for the family.  Thanks to Pinterest I've got tons of great ideas to try out. We made soaps which was tons of fun and we're going to make spice tea and hot chocolate mixes.  Lily loves to help me cook and loves to craft.

I met a lovely lady names Suly who owns her own business crocheting adorable hats and accessories.  Turns out she lives right in the next neighborhood over.  I went over to her house to pick out some things for a birthday girl we know and she whipped them right up for me in the custom colors I picked out.  She also encouraged me to pick up the hook and make more!  Here is her website - Proud Child Crochet & Handy Fashions

My sister Audrey also introduced me to the world of Amigurumi (Japanese crocheted dolls)  How did I not know about this???  I love to crochet and am a Japan-fan but somehow I'm just now learning about it.  Well better late than never!  We went to the craft store and bought up bags of yarn and this book More Cute Animals to Crochet.  I tried my hand at it and made a hedgehog for Lily.  I also made one for Wyatt and plan on making lots more because it is super fun.  Stay tuned for a Yoda!  If you're on Pinterest, check out my Amigurumi board for all the goodies I want to make.
My little hedgehog (different than the book because mine has ears)

Thanksgiving this year was at my Aunt Kayla's house in Mt Enterprise.  We came and stayed with Brandon's folks the day before and made the short drive Thursday morning for lunch.  It was great to see the family.  All of my cousins are so grown up!  Maegan even has a darling little baby, Kolby.  She and Ehren are close in age and played so sweetly together. It was so nice to just relax and soak up the love.  We left with tons of goodies from Grandma Gibson including pecans!  Mmmmm....
Kolby, me, and Ehren hanging out

After we got back to Lufkin we put the kids down to sleep and sneaked off with Brandon's sister Leslie to see the new Twilight movie!  Mike and Aly met us at the theater and we all laughed and made jokes at the cheesy-ness of the movie.  This is the first movie I have seen in about a year!  Ehren slept the whole time and Grandma McGallion only had to get Lily in bed.  It was great to get a break from my little darling and spend some time with grown ups.

Friday was another family day with the McGallions this time.  The kids (Brandon and Me, and Leslie and Drew) went shopping and both boys got new cowboy boots.  Where better to go than Cavender's in Lufkin?  Brandon will probably be going to Sweden some time during the winter and didn't want to get his feet wet.  Can you believe this guy didn't already have cowboy boots?  After shopping, we all gathered at Nana's house and had Thanksgiving dinner.  Lily was having some melt down issues (she was without a nap 2 days in a row) but we all survived.  After nap time we had an impromptu birthday party for Ehren.  He had a serious little face the entire time.  But the presents made him smile! 

I LOVE this rock

Hi Nana!

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!

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  1. Bahaha! Thanks for the laugh! I needed it, tonight! Glad the kids could get in on the action!;-) I applied to get on pinterest....still waiting to hear from them. Morgan and Natalie are learning to crochet! A lady from church is giving them lessons...I have never learned. Perhaps I should have her teach me, too.:-) Your kids are super cute! Wish I could see them more often. Miss you guys.